Festival Date of Bhutan 2016
bhutan festival calendar

The Bhutanese or Buddhist festivals or Tsechus are some of the prime stage of showcasing the living culture of Bhutan that have come to admire and treasure. The tsechu is a festival in honor of Guru Rimpoche “The Precious Master” who first brought Buddhism to Bhutan in the 8th Century. This kind of festivals are held in all the districts attracting hundreds of local Bhutanese people and international travelers in the festivity mood, celebrations and deep faith. Held on the tenth day of the Bhutanese lunar month, these festivals last upto four days in which a series of highly stylized masked dance ritual with colourful brocade dress are performed. The local Bhutanese come dressed in their best for the very special occasion. Apart from Tsechus, folk festivals exist on a smaller, community scale that provides fascinating insight into local beliefs. These community or folk festival are often more interesting as the visitors get a closer and better perspective of the local festival and events.

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