Secure yourself and family a wonderful holiday in Bhutan immediately and hassle free right when you arrive. Amazing Dragon Holidays caters to countless packaged and customized tour for your travel to Bhutan.  You can also choose to travel on the personal interest that would range from Cultural to Festival tours, Biking to rafting tours, Bird watching to Trekking in the unique Himalayan Country – the very home of GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS”.

You will be treated with daily sightseeing and package tours in and around Bhutan. Since the start of the history, Bhutan has been given countless number of names by Tibetens.  Bhutan comes from word “Bootan’ meaning highland given to us by the British Companies in India. The uniqueness of this mysterious country is extra-ordinary and overwhelming. It is impossibly and unimaginably beautiful with the lush green natural forest covering almost 70% of the total land of 38,000 Almost all the places are green and full of wild flowers and meadow grass. The air is clean, sweet and foliage muffles the wind. Artist love its lights, the writers its isolation. It is a birders paradise and trekkers heaven.

Scholars of any trade get their best and most beautiful platform to carryout field study and non-scholars to simply gaze and get amazed.

The lord of the ring may be filmed in New Zealand but if you want ancient and tangible magic, Bhutan is the place. Remember to smile while you are in Bhutan because it’s the land of Gross National Happiness and Happiness begins from here.

The Total population approximated at 0.7 million is sparsely scattered on the total area of 38, 394 Buddhism is recognized as the state religion but depending on the choice of the citizen, other religions are also being practiced.

With doors of Bhutan opened to show how well this small yet distinctive country is being preserved, it was also recognized as the 7th bio-diversity hotspot in the world. This is being credited to the national policy of protecting and preserving 60% of the total land for rich natural forest.

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