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Your Destination for your perfect Vacation

“Bhutan – The Land Of Thunder Dragon/ The Last Shangri La in the world – ideal holiday destination for you, your family, friends and loved ones”. Enjoy the scenic beauty blend with rich cultural heritage, set amidst tranquil landscapes surrounded by towering mountains and impressive fortresses. Amazing Dragon Holidays ensures you an unforgettable and carefree holiday, tailored to suit your requirements with customized tour packages and expert tour guides.

Whether you are an individual or groups looking to experience Bhutan’s various facets, Amazing Dragon Holidays understands your needs and gives you exactly what you need and had in mind. From the adventurous thrill of biking, the adrenaline kicking in with trekking and hiking tours, to the romantic honeymooners, or senior citizens looking to experience the happiness of Bhutan, to the youth looking for an escapade from their regular hectic schedules, we are here to cater to all your needs. Think of Bhutan, think of Us!

Let us embark on this memorable journey together!!

Bhutan for Bikers

A bikers’ paradise! A whole new level of adrenaline rush! Come and explore the beauty of Bhutan on two wheels. For a whole new experience of riding, we have a fleet of well-maintained Royal Enfield Bullets with riding gear, to offer. Experience riding in the wind as you explore the varied terrains of Bhutan. Take your riding euphoria to a whole new level by immersing yourself in the many beautiful sights of Bhutan on two wheels. Let the thump of the Bullets sync with your heartbeats and resound the skies of Bhutan, as you ride along and enjoy the countryside along with the local flavor from the localities’ eyes. For more information on road trips on bikes, contact us.

Popular Tour Packages In Bhutan

What Our Clients Say

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Why Amazing Dragon Holidays ?

You will bring home amazing experiences after your Bhutan trip. Unlock real Bhutan with local insights. Meet the local people, pristine Bhutanese villages, witness colorful festivals, immerse in local cultures, taste local cuisines and more.

We have not let down any of our clients till date with the delayed or rejected Bhutan visa.

All Bhutan trips posted on our website are for private and escorted which mean that you will not join other group. Your visit to Bhutan can be customized as per your requirement eg. add hikes, festival, Homestay and so on.

Absolutely Free Inquiry and consultation with a quick response.

We bring with us over 13 years of experience in organizing Bhutan trips (Read our testimonials). We are committed to providing the best services whether you are on a tour or trek.

You pick the hotels of your choice as per your itinerary and we will book them accordingly.

Discover the Last Himalayan Kingdom

Travel to Bhutan, the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ and immerse yourself in a truly breathtaking experience of awe-inspiring landscapes, a timeless Buddhist culture, stunning ancient fortresses, colourful festivals and a welcoming, friendly people.