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Dear Traveller,

You may all be aware that in Bhutan, the Royal Government of Bhutan is committed to the policy of High Value-Low Impact Tourism; this means minimal or no negative impact upon the culture while promoting ecological conservation and an equitable distribution of tourism benefits, which support social harmony.

Hard to believe? Not in Bhutan. Everything the government does is to take care of its people, the country, and bring about Happiness. Including the tours, too! Amazing Dragon Holidays has provided our Services to many guests, ranging from simple folks to Royalty. Henceforth, too, we will remain ever dedicated and caring to all our guests visiting Bhutan.

We offer personalised services to all our starting from arranging and planning the tour itinerary, to ultimately being there for them when they tour Bhutan. This is how we have had many more guests coming through over the years. We can expertly cater to such a broad range of tours from Cultural, festivals, trekking, river rafting, birding, high mountain, hot springs, special botanical and photography tours to the exceptional rarities of Himalayan beauty and life yet to be discovered by the mainstream.

Few Words from Mr.Dorji ( MD )

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